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About 2018-08-14T01:13:18+00:00

My name in Second Life is Marcus Lefevre, commonly known with my real name Marcus Wisser on social networks.

I`m interested in fashion, photography, videography, blogging, modeling, graphic design and much more.

I´m trying and challenging myself with all of above… and yet:

I´m not a designer, not a photographer, not a videographer, not a blogger, not a model and not a graphic designer.

In Second Life I´m

Founder, Owner and Chairman of MISS SL Organization

Publisher of MISS SL Magazine

Owner of MISS SL Academy and MISS SL Agency

Owner and Producer of the MISS and MR SL Pageants

I´ve run several enterprises successful including a 2000+ sims estate for over 6 years.

I believe there`s not much, that I´ve not tried in Second Life yet… and if I didn´t, I´m likely up to try it, at least once.

I`ll repeat, if it triggers joy, satisfication and entertainment for others and myself.

Diplomacy and decency are my personal alpha and omega.

My husband calls me a defense lawyer.

That`s all.

A diplomat is a man, who thinks twice...,

before he says nothing.